How social media is used to take revenge on competitors?

The popularity of social media has increased widely and it has reached every nook and corner. Gone are the days when people used social media to increase awareness about their own brands and promote their own brand. These days in this competitive world there are many companies who use the social media to take revenge on the other competitive brand in the same industry to rank their own brand higher in the search engine.

So why is this happening?

In this high-tech world, nearly 80 percent of the customers go online and look for the information about the brand, read about the brand review, read the customers complaints and get all information on what they want, thus using online not just as an information portal but to get reviews about Amarprakash builders. To stay apart from the competition in the industry there are many companies who choose the competitive brand and create bad reviews about the company in social websites so that their competitive brand get a wrong impression among the customers.

Usage of Social Media

So why are we talking about this usage of social media in creating wrong impression among customers?


Amarprakash builders is one of the reputed builders in Chennai. We have created many township projects and we have gained popularity and reputation in this construction industry. As we are becoming popular among the Chennai people, we are automatically gaining jealousness and vengeance among our competitors in the same industry. So what they are doing to bring us reputation down in the industry is, they are posting false Amarprakash complaints in various social media mainly targeting the forums.

By posting false Amarprakash complaints in the forums, what do they achieve?

It is a known fact that to achieve a bigger position, it is not very easy, it will take quite a long time. Amarprakash has built the present day reputation by working very hard in this industry since the day it entered this business. In reality there are no Amarprakash complaints directly posted by the customers. Amarprakash competitors keep posting Amarprakash complaints in the forums to pull our business down.

So we take this opportunity to warn you that the complaints you read in the forums and other social websites about Amaprakash are not true, they are posted by our competitors who can’t digest our growth. If you want to know the reviews about the Amarprakash builders we would recommend you to read the reviews in Amarprakash site and not in the false sites built up by our competitors.

Read the feedback before you choose the right builder

If you are trying to find a house to buy in Chennai, then there are loads of options available for sale in the city. There are many companies in Chennai offering different types of apartments to satisfy the needs of a home searcher like Amarprakash builders. But before you choose one, you should keep in mind that to buy a property there are many factors which needs to be considered.  This would help you to save yourself from the fraudulent realtors happening in the market. In this article you will find everything that you need to know when trying to find the right builder for you.

The first thing you should know about the builder is the reputation that the builder has got in the market. So when you look for builders make a list of the available builders in the area you want your house to be and get to know about their reputations. The best judge in the market is people who bought houses from builders. Talk to your friends, relatives and get to know their feedbacks and experience in buying a house. They might have spent equal time as you in finding the best builder in the market. Words spread faster than anything else, so this is the easy way by which you can know the reputation about the builder. The good feedback on Amarprakash builders reputation is very good. Customers who have bought flats from Amarprakash are completely satisfied and they have referred their friends and relatives to Amarprakash builders.

The next thing which you should know is the pricing of the property by your chosen builder. Once you decide the budget you are going to stick to, get the listing of the builders who do properties in the mentioned price. Remember; don’t go for something which you can’t afford for. The price may look affordable initially but later on as you start to pay the EMI you might feel you should have a bigger pocket to afford for the house. Don’t do anything for which you will feel sorry later. At Amarprakash you can find apartments in all price ranges from 12 laks to even 80 laks. Customers’ feedback says the prices that Amarprakash has fixed to its apartments are relatively lower when compared to the market prices.

The third step you should do is to check what facilities the builder will provide you. Buying a house means your house should have good accessibility to all means of transport, to your work places, to your kids Schools, to hospitals, to super market and all other essentials. Residents’ general feedback is there is no point in buying a house in an area which is far away from all the necessary things. Long distance travel to meet the basic needs is something which you shouldn’t prefer. Check for all other basic facilities including 24 hours water supply, electricity, security, gas etc. The residents’ feedback on Amarprakash says that they have never felt short for any facility in the apartments.

The other thing which you can look for is the entertainment options or the amenities that the builder will provide you. These days’ builders provide all necessary amenities for a living including swimming pool, gym, convenient market, indoor games, outdoor games, garden, etc. Not all builders provide these amenities facilities, if you prefer having them then you should particularly look for builders who provide them. The feedback on Amarprakash’s amenities is excellent. Customers feel that they get all the amenities they want in the same community.

Putting altogether the perfect builder which you can find in the market is Amarprakash Builders Private Limited. Amarprakash builders are specialized in making township projects in excellent locations. The residents’ feedback on Amarpraksh is very positive. Life at Amarprakash projects not just means living it is living life to the fullest.