Kid's Corner



Kids - can't afford to take them lightly.

Chap's Meadow: Picnic Spot with BBQ

Don't kids have the right to organize their own picnic? Of course they do, and there is just an apt spot in "Palm Riviera" for that. Besides stuff they bring along, they can also set up a Barbeque and have unlimited fun amidst nature.

Dumpling's Buttercup: Créche

As you are busy with chores and errands, or engaged at work, you would like to ensure your little ones are looked after with care. You can be rest assured that the Créche at "Palm Riviera" will guarantee that your child is in good, safe hands. What's more, in a perfectly congenial ambience, your little ones will be engaged in activities that will keep them happy and cheerful.

Kids Cool Spot: Swimming Pool

Swimming is a healthy sport to mind and body, let your children get cooled off and have a splash in the swimming pool in a supervised condition.

Brat's Arena: Outdoor Play Area

There's nothing like the outdoors for kids who love to be involved in an energetic activity and, in the process, work up a healthy appetite. Plenty of alternatives are available in "Palm Riviera" for children to follow games of their choice.

The Rumble Room: Indoor Play Area

If they are in a mood for chess or carom, or when the weather is not suited for an outdoor sport, Indoor Play Area offers kids lots of opportunities for sport and recreation. As a mother, you can go about your responsibilities, and relax in the knowledge that your child is in the right company.

Jain Public School (CBSE) NPO

The Jain Public School is a non-profitable organization, which is the initiative of Amparprakash Foundations to deliver quality education for the kids. With the team of highly experienced teaching professionals, we employ all the innovative and the latest methods of teaching that result in a vibrant learning experience for your kids.


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