Real Men need some space and time of their own

Golf Putting

For those men who are inclined to a sport that is both invigorating and relaxing, the golf putting at "Palm Riviera" Will excite them to ecstasy. What better way to exercise one's limbs, trade stories with buddies and at the same time have a go at one's favorite sport?

Swimming Pool

Do some brisk laps or just paddle about, as your mood might dictates. A soothing swim after work or a lively pre-breakfast splashing about in the pool will be just what you need.


Fitness may be your priority. Or perhaps pumping up with metal might be your preference. Whatever be your choice, the gym at "Palm Riviera" will provide the ideal environment for you to develop your six-packs or burn out all those extra calories - all under the watchful guidance of a qualified trainer.

Men's Parlor

A bit of grooming and pampering doesn't hurt, does it? A soothing massage or a neat trim or a manicure could form an essential part of your weekend unwinding. An indulgence that you totally deserve, it could also prove to be a guarantee against the Monday morning blues.

Racquet Club: Badminton, Squash and Tennis Court

Enjoy these racquet sports for fun as a hobby or perceive them in a more competitive level and tone up


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