Women - They know how to have a good time among themselves

The Evening Bazaar

Are you bored of gazing at the organized racks in the shopping stores? Evening bazaar is just the place where you should be at. Try the open stalls in the bazaar and sift through the clothes, shoes, accessories and trinkets and if you are hungry, give your taste buds a bit of culinary surprise too.

Beauty Parlor

Beauty is a quality bestowed only on women. Get penciled in for an appointment for a pedicure or a facial perhaps. Giving yourself and your body a special and pleasurable time is something that you will be able to do with ease whenever you want, at your convenience


Remember the hassle of going out to shop? At "Palm Riviera", that will be a distant memory. You can shop for all essentials for home and personal needs, from fresh fruits to vegetables while catching up with your neighbors on all the latest happenings.


For the enterprising and imaginative women residents of "Palm Riviera", there is a designated space for them to think up and organize activities involving their resources and resourcefulness. By being able to have such get-togethers right where they live, women residents of "Palm Riviera" not only save lots of time but also come closer together as a community.


You need not search any more for the right gym in terms of cost, facilities and nearness. Your own special work-out space is just a few meters away. Depending on your daily engagements, you could design the regimen that best suits your convenience and meets your goals in regard to health and fitness.

Swimming Pool

"Palm Riviera" offer women this exclusive space for an activity that they would rather exclude the men folk from. A time in the cool waters gives you the opportunity to relax, share precious moments with friends, or perhaps perform some solitary and strenuous laps.


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