Senior Citizen Junction


Senior citizen- Become young again- living life to the fullest, As ever

When you wish to continue to live life to the full, you automatically infuse some discipline and rigor into your daily routine. With the right atmosphere and provision for activities calculated to bring you benefits, Senior Citizen's Club at "Palm Riviera" is sure to tempt you to make it a regular affair.

Battery Car

Feel like taking a short trip around the neighborhood? Hop on the battery car and roam around the locale. Visit your friends and hitch hike to the parks and have fun.

Meditation Hall

When the mind seeks calm and the soul freedom, you have the perfect setting to achieve those priceless states. The meditation hall at "Palm Riviera" will enfold you and allow you to lose yourself in the exalted state of inner silence and contemplation.

Acupressure Walkway

How would it be to enhance the pleasure of walking and make it healthful at the same time? Acupressure Walkway is designed to deliver the very exact double delight. When you step off, you are sure to feel the salubrious sensation right away!

Stone Park and Palm Garden

Spaces that exude peace and help you be one with Nature, Stone Park and Palm Garden are ideal for you to gather your thoughts on a subject, do some calm planning for an important event, or simply give yourself up to the companionship of Nature.

Jungle Track

Enjoy the evening stroll with your neighbors while indulging in the beauty of nature's setting. Go for a brisk walk with your grand children and get to know their world better and become young again.

Golf Putting

Get engaged in this sport and improve your blood circulation, strengthen the knees and make your muscles flexible. Go out, feel young, sociable and improve your well being.


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