Island Apartments


Island Apartments in Chennai

These premium apartments in chennai are surrounded by water - the canal and bridge evoking memories of Venice. You will live amidst the beauty and serenity of nature. A leisurely stroll on the stone bridge will connect with the "Palm Riviera" neighbours.

  • Each block surrounded by water
  • Bridges installed connecting every block
  • Each block surrounded by Palm trees
  • Plenty of fresh air and light
  • Basement car parking facility
  • Exclusive club house amenities

Why Island Apartments in Chennai?

Are you wondering, what is the need of bringing up Island apartments in Chennai when there are huge varieties of apartments that are modern and classy?

Though the city encompasses not just conservative homes but also modern homes, Amarprakash and you the home buyer, know that apartments in Chennai have a huge breach in the international architecture. Hence we have crafted a Venice style luxury apartments in Chennai keeping in mind the size, the position and the quality of the apartments.

Now a question would pop up in your mind, “Why particularly Venice”? Well, Venice is a beautiful city encompassing 118 islands separated by canals and linked by bridges. One should have a life time to indulge in the beauty of Venice and enjoy it to the most. While enjoying such ingenuity can never happen with apartments in Chennai, Amarprakash has made it happen through the Island apartments of Palm Riviera. Here, every building is surrounded by water, connected by bridges, giving you the feel of canal in a tranquil environment. Every apartment has its private garden in English style planted with scented ornamental plants. Buy a flat in Palm Riviera and enjoy the beauty of the floating city in your apartment in Chennai. No doubt Island apartments are the best among all Chennai's apartments.

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