My son is working in Australia, so he wanted all the comforts of Australia here, so we choose PALM RIVIERA. Since our daughter and son are abroad we wanted a place close to the airport. We believe the lifestyle will be equally better as all other members of the family.

Mr. Karthick Balachander, Retired
Proud Owner of M 612 Apartment

The location and the amenities lured us to PALM RIVIERA. Outer ring road helps us to avoid the traffic and certainly a boon. We purchased the flat on the same day of our visit, the staff are very supportive in giving the details of the project. Thanks to AMARPRAKASH for providing our dream home.

Mrs. Kavitha, Business
Proud Owner of A 112 Apartment

The Island apartment concept is a trend setter, since I like Venice I immediately booked a house in PALM RIVIERA. We liked the floor plan and the customer service is excellent. We are very happy to have booked in AMARPRAKASH.

Mr. Subramani, Private Sector
Proud Owner of M 201 Apartment

I am an NRI living in Dubai, the security system is very good and the environment is very friendly. My friends recommended me to buy in PALM RIVIERA, I am very happy and satisfied to have bought in AMARPRAKASH.

Mr. Aqueel Ahmed, NRI
Proud Owner of A 306 Apartment

The Island apartment concept is a trend setter, since I like Venice I immediately booked a house in PALM RIVIERA. We liked the floor plan and the customer service is excellent. We are very happy to have booked in AMARPRAKASH.

Mr. Vijay, Private Sector
Proud Owner of I 308 Apartment

We live in Dubai currently and never wanted to compromise on our lifestyle. We found AMARPRAKASH's PALM RIVIERA with super amenities, gender exclusive club-house and school for my kids, matching to international standards. Having bought a house here, the entire family is very satisfied and happy.

Mrs. Sumitha Family, NRI
Proud Owner of H 504 Apartment

The experience we had in AMARPRAKASH was very good, customer service is excellent. The amenities provided are the best in the industry, location also adds value to the property. We don't want to follow the herd mentality of buying a home at OMR or ECR. PALM RIVIERA is a dream come true for us, Thanks AMARPRAKASH.

Mr. Deepak Radhakrishnan, Private Sector
Proud Owner of B 303 Apartment

When we saw PALM RIVIERA, we liked the pollution free environment and the amenities are best suited for the kids. The CBSE school in the campus is an additional advantage. CSM team helped us a lot. Thank You AMARPRAKASH.

Mrs. Rajalakshmi, Private Sector
Proud Owner of F 509 Apartment

The reason why I chose PALM RIVIERA is because it is one of its kind in India. We have all the amenities in the project that help us build a better lifestyle. Thank You AMARPRAKASH for the dream house.

Mr. Victor Simon, Head Commercial
Proud Owner of M 510 Apartment

Hi team,
I am really happy that Amarprakash is treating me as its own family member. I am impressed by Amarprakash's flexibility and commitment to the customers. They are extremely patient in answering my questions. Their services are manifestation of excellence at it best.

Murugan G
Proud Owner of E 402 Apartment

We are pleased to have engaged with AMARPRAKASH. They gave us all the information pertaining to the project and we were well informed on the facilities and amenities they provide in the site, this helped us take a quick decision. They are always patient with answering our questions. They showed many projects and explained in detail about the facilities, so that we can choose the right home for us. Palm Riviera is the best project and we would certainly recommend it to all our friends ..

Rathina Sabapathy
Proud Owner of I 304 Apartment

I am an Indian based out from Gulf for 25 years; I was searching for a peaceful, clean, safe residential environment in Chennai for my children's higher education. Happened to see a leaflet of Amarprakash and when vetted thru various sources, I found that they live with reputation and credibility in the real estate developer market.
Friendly behavior and better pricing made me invest in Palm Rivera on top of the above quality. The challenges I have faced are continuous change in contact and change in work schedule.
A commercial establishment treating its corporate office and site office similar to a "holy place" maybe vague for me, but the local culture intake the good thought and purity in business.

Sherrif Rahman, Business Controller
Proud Owner of I 610 Apartment

Being our first investment, we decided to doubly make sure we end up buying a right property that appreciates with time and should definitely be a class apart with no compromise in luxury. Palm Riviera is one such project we found close to the city limit with lush greenery all around backed by water bodies. We wish the team all success.

Amjad Ibrahim, Dy.Manager
Proud Owner of H 406 Apartment

It's my long cherished dream for three years to acquire a flat which has all basic amenities in line with the present trend of lifestyle in affordable budget. AMARPRAKASH comes with the answer through "Palm Riviera".

Ebrahim Yacub, Sr. Planning Engineer CCCL
Proud Owner of I 210 Apartment
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