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An investment that, others would envy...

Greenfield airport @vicinity

The take-off of Green field airport will skyrocket the value of your property to the most allured status in the city of Chennai. You will be a proud owner of a gold yielding patch believe it or not.

Accessible to IT patch

Easy connect to the IT corridor, enabling you reach your work spot without combatting the unruly traffic of Chennai city.

Amidst existing residential habitat

All said and done man is a social animal, seclusion might be bliss occasionally but being in a community where you can connect, relate and touch base for all your social needs is a genuine "gift from god".

Excellent scope of appreciation

End of the day, it all boils down to value and returns, your choice at Suncity-lakeview will definitely be a duck laying golden eggs, due to its ideal location, connectivity and quality of construction.

Next to proposed 200 feet road

Its vicinity to the speckle-free 200 feet road, knits you with Chennai city in no Jiffy, you can also leverage of fuel consumption, void reckless traffic.

Rental assurance

This might be your second or third home purchased for an investment purpose, no doubt your asset will appreciate, along with ascertainment of enough returns through easy rental service rendered by the builder and you can enjoy a recurring rental sum on a monthly basis.

DTCP approved with clear title

Hassle-free registration, access for bank loans and clear title with no litigation offers you absolute peace of mind.

75% open free space with greenery

Let the vibrance of mother nature resonate endlessly in your homes and lives, drown in the freshness of green, bringing ignition to your senses coupled with, "the gift of good health".

Copious sweet potable water

Another most important factor that influences a buyer's purchase decision is the adequacy and pleasantness of water, the Suncity-Lakeview assures you both to its best standards.

Surrounded by Top educational institutions, hospitals & Govt. offices

Giving quality education to our kids and bringing them up with peak health quotient is a prime duty of every parent, just dream of a home with your work spot, just few minutes away and the time you'll save to spend with your kids, educating them in top institutions and giving them the best healthcare provision; doesn't it give you a wow parental feel?.

Assured safety for asset

You might be a NRI or living far from the site worried to invest in a property at Chennai, due to safety reasons, drop the fear over your asset; we'll nurture and maintain it as our own.

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