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Makes you crave for nothing more...

Swimming Pool

You can relax in the cool waters of your pool or make a serious effort with your strenuous laps. Drown in fun filled moments with your family to ease your weekends at the waters of glorious Sun City.

Convenio Store

Say good bye, to the pressures of making regular lengthy grocery list and supermarket itinerates, all essentials at your doorstep within your living space.

24 Hours Security

Feel protected and safe with 24*7 surveillance, video door phones and safety guards. You can ensure ultimate security for your home and family.

Multi-purpose Hall

Host your kid’s Birthday party, family get-togethers and community gatherings without reservations and much fuss of bookings at Sun City’s own Multi-purpose hall.


No more excuses for your nocturnal lifestyle, while you have a state-of-art gymnasium within your life space, get active, break the shell of sloth and indulge in pumping your beef.

Rejuvenation Centre

While India celebrates world Yoga day across the globe, why not be proud of the Surya Namaskar moves to revitalise yourself, in the wooden flooring of our rejuvenation centre.


We are thoughtful of the rampant emergencies of a common home, a clinic definitely comes in line while your kid runs a temperature suddenly or when there is an outburst of epidemic among the school goers.

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