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The Highlights of this project is merely above your expectation...

Gated community

A vibrant green and pristine civic stretch aesthetically aimed with perfect boulevards, shrubbery and homes with nothing but love, giving you a sense of freshness and tranquility that you'll long to hit home after a hectic day or an outstation visit.

Kid's play area

Serves your guilt of false promises and struggles to make time to drive your kid's to the park every evening or at weekends, now you can just let them run and inherit their fun world without much fuss.

Functional Jain Organic food court

Get loaded with the antioxidants from organic food and get the taste of the world with no pesticides, pollutants or carcinogens. Indulge in your celebrity diet tip without toiling hard to source its ingredients and immerse yourself in the bliss of remaining ever young, sculpted and a slayer of free radicals.

24*7 security surveillance

Isn't it reassuring if you, your family and your assets are kept as an apple of one's eye? A systematic roaster of guards and surveillance camera will affirm you to be relaxed even when you are away from home.

Adequate sweet potable water

In the city of Chennai, water scarcity and ground water being hard are not jargons from a mystic world. Amidst the Chennaities, who buy canned and treated water even for their basic use, you can be proud to replenish your family with adequate sweet potable water.

Pursuance of organic living

Organic living is a way of life and not a day's affair, you no more have to set apart reserves for your organic grocery and burn your Valet, our in-campus organic fruit garden, ayurvedic garden and organic food court will flood you with good health, healing and high quality of life.

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