Our Customers - Testimonials

Gaze into every customer's satisfaction as they receive the key to their future home, it is an aspiration turned to reality.

  Buying a home in Chennai was a long time wish. Chromepet is a fast growing place and buying a property here was very difficult.Now we own a house at 'Temple Waves', Chromepet.  

Mrs. Prema

Proud Owner of C-312 Apartment


  From the places,I have heard so far, Amarprakash's "On Time Delivery" is stunning. I will gift a flat for my wife on our wedding day. I cannot wait for the moment of joy.  

Mr. Kalyan Kumar

Proud Owner of E-303 Apartment


  The one thing that made me buy a house with you guys is because of the Rental service. That's an amazing offer and by that, I have planned to pay the EMI by renting my apartment. Cool isn't!   

Mr. Naveen

Proud Owner of E-212 Apartment


  We looked at various places before buying, but ended with some problem. We came to know about 'Temple Waves' and after seeing the site and their amenities, we understood the class and we didn't want to miss.  

Mrs. Savithri

Proud Owner of K-101 Apartment


  My active kids love a variety of games. We wanted to give the best for them. 'Temple Waves' has a lot of amenities for my kids to engage, enjoy and learn. Best part is that it also fits well within my budget.  

Mr. Subramaniraja

Proud Owner of C-317 Apartment


  Whenever I saw my friends buying a land or flat, I felt very sad. Then one of my neighbour bought a flat at Amarprakash 'Temple Waves' project and suggested me the same. It was within my budget and now I became a part of Amarprakash family.  

Mr. Sashikumar

Proud Owner of F-406 Apartment


  My parents and I wanted to buy a flat. After searching all over the city, then some friends recommended Amarprakash Developers, as they are doing a great job. So now I own a house at the 'Temple Waves', and I am proud to be a part of Amarprakash family.  

Mr. Viswanathan

Proud Owner of D-123 Apartment


  To buy a Vastu compliant home was a dream for years, then we came to know about Amarprakash 'Temple Waves', as the project have incredible amenities for kids, and good construction quality and great service from the builder made us to buy a home.  

Mr. Gunasekaran

Proud Owner of E-205 Apartment


  I was never interested in saving money. However, when I had to buy property, the prices were alarming. Later, surprised when I heard about Amarprakash 'Temple Waves', which was almost half the price difference with superior quality homes.  

Mrs. Fathima Fabiola

Proud Owner of K-129 Apartment


  I feel happy to gift a home for my kid. As a parent, we would like to give the best future for our child. The 'Temple Waves' project with 66 intellectual kid's amenities impressed us to buy.   

Mr. Gopinath & Mrs. Lavanya

Proud Owner of M-434 Apartment


  We bought this home for our son, and it is for an investment purpose. The budget price range of 'the Temple Waves' project made us to buy a home.  

Mr. Ramakrishnan & Mrs. Ishwarya

Proud Owner of J-226 Apartment


  Hi, as I am also a builder I choose Amarprakash Temple Waves, as they have a good construction quality. Also, the project is close to the city limit, and the best part of the project would be the 66 kid's amenities.  

Mrs. Divya & Family

Proud Owner of J-234 Apartment


  For this pricing, I hope it is not possible to get a home anywhere in India, the reasonable price and genuineness made me to choose Amarprakash Temple Waves. In addition, we get nearby advantages like, airport and railway station. It is the best investment option for all.   

Mr. Natarajan & Family

Proud Owner of J-122 Apartment


  Hi, I am Hari, this is our first home and we feel very lucky to buy a home at Chennai 'Temple Waves'. I would like to thank Amarprakash for offering such a good investment opportunity, as the other properties in the city are expensive. I have gifted the home for my parents as there are many temples surrounding this location.  

Mr. Hari Haran

Proud Owner of M-340 Apartment


  Hi, we feel happy to buy a home for our kid at the 'Temple Waves' project. We bought it after seeing all the kid's amenities & facilities.  

Mrs. Nallamai & Family

Proud Owner of M-545 Apartment


  This is our first home in Chennai. We love the Temple Waves project because of the kid’s amenities. As the project is close to many ancient temples, we hope a good year ahead for us.   

Mrs. Ranjani & Family

Proud Owner of B-411 Apartment


  We feel happy to buy a home at Amarprakash's Temple Waves Phase 3. The project is in a very nice surrounding, and the facilities like car parking, Jain public school and all kid's amenities available inside project is awesome.  

Mrs. Pathmavathi

Proud Owner of J-119 Apartment


  Thanks Amarprakash Team,
We came for site-visit, as one of my friends referred me about this Temple Waves project. Now, we bought a home in Temple Waves as it met the requirements of our needs. Besides, the on-time delivery of Amarprakash Developers has made us to buy a home with confidence.   

Mr. Harish & Family

Proud Owner of G-421 Apartment


  Hi Team,
Buying a home near Chromepet is my long-time dream, because my native is Chromepet. The natural surroundings and close connectivity to Chennai Airport and Railway Station made me to buy a home in 'Temple Waves'.  

Mr. Rajendran & Family

Proud Owner of M-307 Apartment


  Hi Amarprakash Team,
I booked a flat in Temple Waves and I used to get a quick response from your people for my enquiries. I appreciate and wish to grow and expand to have footprints across the globe. Thanks with Regards.  

Mr. Srinivasan. N

Proud Owner of M-146 Apartment


  Amarprakash Family,
We have purchased our first home from Amarprakash. The service and support we received here was superb. The representatives of Amarprakash explained everything, which was easy for me to execute the process, though I am in Africa. We love our new home and in future, if we move here we would rely on Amarprakash to find another home. I am glad to be a part of Amarprakash family and feel happy for investing my hard-earned money at a right place.  

Mr. Raghuvaran & Family

Proud Owner of G-110 Apartment